Facebook & Social Networks Campaigns

Nowadays, the presence of each company in social media (Social Networks) is no longer necessary and essential ingredient of a successful presence to the Internet. The benefits of a coordinated presence on Social Networks are many and we mention to you some of them:

  • facebook-logoAttraction of new customers.
  • Publication of products and services.
  • Targeted methods of promotion.
  • Zero maintenance cost.
  • Easy renewal of your profile.
  • Automated link with your website.


What can easyTECH do for you?

With the aim of offering to our customers a complete and comprehensive presence in social media, we offer creation, monitoring and development of social networking profiles in multiple formats including: facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, myspace and more. In summary, the easyTECH offers:

  • Creation of a profile and graphics editing in social media.
  • Supervision and management of your profile.
  • Connections - bridging among social media.
  • Consulting services to manage your profile.
  • Advertising campaigns on facebook.

What exactly is an advertising campaign on the facebook;

The advertising opportunities offered by facebook are a new trend to promote products starting to yield in Greece. If someone assess the public daily visiting and using facebook, can understand that he is given a very useful tool to promote and advertise their business. Even more important is that it can target at the promotion of products - services of a specific group of users based on demographic, geographic, ethnic, age criteria, gender, educational level and many others creteria, for more effective carrying out of advertisements.

As in Google's advertising campaigns the system of Adwords, the facebook offers tools to manage your campaign efficiently with the full supervision, through comprehensive reporting and analysis. Simultaneously, enable each advertiser to define the daily limit - the budget for each campaign so you do not ever pay more than our abilities.

An indicative Advertising on facebookfacebook-campaigns-easytech

How much does an ad campaign on facebook cost;

As mentioned above the cost, duration and the general promotional budget are defined by the company itself according to their capabilities, objectives andanalysis of the effects of each campaign. Never is it be charged more than we have appointed in each campaign. Also we do not pay for ad impressions of ours unlesswhen someone clicks on your link. But then we have achieved our goal! We attracted new potential customers to our website. Thus, the facebook as a mean ofprojection has the virtue of paying for advertising only when it is successful.

There are nothing else to do therefore but to try what an advertising campaign can offer to your business. Contact with easyTECH and experienced staff will advise you about the possibilities of the mean called facebook.




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