Google Adwords Campaigns

EasyTECH wanting to provide complete solutions for web promotion has qualified personnel undertaking the handling of a complete Google Adwords campaign for your business. Our staff is updated daily for new technologies google, monitors current seminars and is certified continuously on Google Adwords.

But what is a campaign Google Adwords; How can help to promote your business?

Creating a campaign in Google Adwords gives you the opportunity to advertise your business and Product through your exposure in the results of the largest search engine world, Google. In this way we can attract new customers looking for specific products and services through Google.

Example of display through Google Adwords

Here is an example of Google Adwords campaign which we have implemented for one of our customers. The particular business is a hotel unit in the city of Grevena. How then could such a company to approach new customers? The most popular search mean for information nowadays is the internet and the most famous search tool, is Google. So typing in a search engine Google, as keywords "Grevena hotels" will occur 257,000 results! But as you can see in the picture below, our client ( has chosen a different way of viewing the advertising through Google Adwords. In this way, then, it is shown first in search results and can attract new customers, and the link of the ad leads to site where the visitor can see more information about the hotel and communicate with the company.


Which are the advantages of a Google Adwords campaign as a means of promotion?

If someone tries to compare campaigns Google Adwords as mean of exposure with other media such as ads on television and radio, brochures, listings in printed media, etc. will find many positive features in Google Adwords. Here it would be nice to mention some of these advantages which we believe that are the most effective delivery method nowadays.

  • You pay only when your advertising works, that is, when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC), so you pay only for clicks you receive a price that you specify (choose a maximum CPC from 1 cent to € 100).
  • Cost-per-impression (CPM) for those who prefer to target individual content sites and pay per impression.
  • Daily defined by you budget, with a starting price of 1 cent.
  • Targeted ads created and managed by you.
  • Ad scheduling: run your ads on the days and hours you want.
  • Specify your target group in which you are interested based on demographic data and advertise yourself to a specific area.
  • Performance reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online in your account.
  • Advertising network of sites and products for increased advertising promotion.
  • One or more targeted ads with one or more keywords.

How it works and how much does it cost?

The process is simple and pricing for the cost of your ad,possibly is the most fair option. But let us give an example to illustrate the operation and costing an advertising campaign.

Suppose that you have a business hotel in Grevena (as a customer of ours) and you want to promote your website in the results of Google.

  1. Initially we make an analysis in space and competition of the company and its sector of activity, we define certain keywords, which are very likely for a visitor of the internet sites to use and search products or services for companies like yours.
  2. Then we define a daily budget limit, we are willing to spend for our advertising campaign, for example, 10 € per day and a maximum cost per click for the particular keyword.
  3. We create our campaign for these specific keywords.
  4. So when someone at Google searches using these keywords, you will begin to show our ad. But in what position? The position is affected by many factors such as the money we set as a limit to the keyword, the quality of advertising, keywords and many other factors. So for example if someone has set the budget higher than us , will appear in a higher position than our own.
  5. Next if someone clicks on your ad, we will be charged with the amount it costs the specific keyword. This amount will be deducted from the available daily budget and thereby reduce constantly our rest .
  6. Our advertising we will continue to appear during the day, but as much there will be available amount in our budget. When you reset the balance of our budget, our ad stops appear.
  7. At any moment we can stop the displaying of our campaign and stop the charge of our budget . It is not always necessary to reset our daily budget since this depends on the users clicking on our ad .At any time we rethink our budget in order to appear even more times.

The whole procedure described above enables us to fully control our advertising campaign and not ever been in debt more than we have. It also gives us the possibility through analysis of reports of the system to adjust our campaign and optimize it in order to achieve more "good" visits with the lowest cost.

View a short presentation of the bidding process by Mr. Hal Varion.

Can I do for my own business?

Each person being interested in can create his own campaign through the instructions provided by Google,as anyone can with little knowledge to set up a rudimentary website. However our experience has shown that most times these efforts do not yield the savings the person seeks The reasons are many and we indicatively mention some of them:

  • Required daily control and optimization of campaigns
  • You need to be well-informed about technical issues related to SEO and Adwords.
  • To achieve high efficiency of your campaign you should always make technical analysis reports in the list of the statistics which you do not understand.
  • It is very likely to create a campaign and the selection of the strategy of your advertising campaign may not yield the desirable results in visits.
  • It will probably create campaigns with very high costs which you will not be able to cope with  in order to support them financially
  • It is almost certain to get tired and abandon the effort

For these reasons therefore, and many other, I suggest you trust our experienced staff that will be responsible for your campaign Google Adwords.

The creation, management and monitoring of an advertising campaign on Google requires time, experience and specialized expertise to enable it to deliver the best possible results at the lowest possible cost You simply choose the appropriate words or phrases and allow us the rest.

  1. Research of keywords. Design and selection of keywords that best suited to your goals
  2. Creation and management campaigns with keywords you choose.
  3. Home pages (landing pages). Selection of sites that will welcome visitors
  4. Management of the account in order to achieve the lowest possible cost and still have the best results.
  5. Traffic Analysis by Using Google Analytics to always have a detailed picture of the visitation statistics of your website at any time.




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