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General Description

easycms_smallThe easyCMS is a web-based content management system, developed continuously by easyTECH to meet all the needs of a modern website.The development of easyCMS based on open source software Joomla expanded constantly with new components and modules that the easyTECH develops depending on the requirements of each site.

The dynamic development of easyCMS is one of the many advantages over the competition.With the term dynamic growth we mean the partial development of the page, gradually and according to your needs.You are constantly adding new features and applications that extend the usability of your page.

System users are divided into groups (user groups) and have access to classified discrete points of the platform. The organization of users' access levels ensures maximum security, avoidance mistakes and scaled validate the contents of your site.

On the side of the company does not require special technical equipment, as every authorized user has access to the system from any PC accessible on the Internet.

Functions - Modules
The easyCMS as a web content management platform, is structured into subsystems, each of which undertakes specific functions. Examples include some of the available module-subsystem easyCMS.

Content Module

articleIncludes all functions to create and manage articles, organizing the first page and the organizational structure of the articles. You can organize the articles into sections and categories in an infinite spiral. The writing articles requires no special computer skills due to the intuitive editor (WYSIWYG) through which it is easy to create and edit articles. 

Contact Module

contactsThe contact module enables the administrator of the site, manage forms of communication and contact informationof the company.


newsletterThrough subsystem Press Information you can inform visitors of your page, with new notices. Also, the operation management information sheets and their users, allowing you at any time to have an organized base of information.

Polls Module

 poll The easyCMS enables creation and management of electronic polls. You can select the question you want to do to your visitors, the responses and publish it anywhere you want on the site.

 Messages Module

mailThe subsystem of electronic messagesenables the communication of the gate managers with the guests. The read operations, dispatch and mass mail provide a complete subsystem communication messages for your business.


photosThe management of the collection of photographs and photographic albums, it is very easy and simple procedure in theeasyCMS management of multimedia . You can organize your photos on your website into categories, subcategories and view them in an article you want.

Guestbook Module

guestbookThe guest book allows visitors to "leave" a comment on your website.Of course the managment (publication - view - deletion) of these comments by the side of the transmission ensures smooth operation and filter the content of your website.

Web Links Module


Every well-organized site, contains links to other interesting websites related content to function as a tool to display useful information. The Web Links module allows the full management and organization of external links to your site.

Translation Module

translateIn case that you wish to give your guests, all or part of content in languages other than yours, the translation module gives you the option to translate each point of your website with an easy and effective way



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