easyISO - Managment Platform of Quality System

General Description

easyiso_smallEasyTECH in the context of innovative applications which develops in recent years, designed and developed a comprehensive quality management system ISO 9001 under the name easyISO. As shown in the application name, our goal is to simplify the process of keeping files in the ISO 9001 system of each company.

During the design of the platform of easyISO, we focused on usability and efficiency of the system, our goal is the transition from manuscript files in the digital age with simpler procedures. The use of the system may be performed on any end user who does not need to have special information technology knowledge.

The easyISO fully supports the implementation of Quality Management System covering all the requirements of standard EN ISO 9001:2008. application is designed in such a way that does not require special equipment (server, license, etc.) for each firm. It is accessible from any PC is connected to the network. All necessary functions of maintenance and servicing are carried out centrally from its servers of easyTECH. Daily use of the quality system but also the periodic inspections may be conducted electronically, reducing the cost and time required by a handwritten / printed process.

Advantages of easyISO Use

  • Reduction of spending on consumables (paper, ink) and equipment (printers, archiving).
  • Electronic file forms and procedures from a central system.
  • Automated checking and debugging from the system.
  • Easy quality administration system of your business.
  • Statistics and reports to monitor the processes.
  • Time savings of documentation completing
    Technical Features

    System Administration

        • Central management of company and contact information.
        • Structured organization of departments-managments and assignment of employees to them.
        • User management and employees of the system and definition of access rights and actions.
        • Statistics and reports of system use.
        • Full customization according to the needs of the enterprise.
        • Recording file of movements and changes to documents and system functions.
        • Integrated messaging transmission system for users.
        • Centrally managed user manual of the quality system.

        Partners Managment

          • Organized system for managing customers, suppliers and subcontractors.
          • Archive of movements per customer - supplier.
          • Autocompletion of customer data in the selection of each form.

          Product Managment

              • Recording Subsystem of company products and services.
              • Autocompletion of product data in the selection of each form.
              • Checks on accuracy of each product in its use in documents and procedures of the system.

                Job Managment - Job Instructions

                  • Organized archive with jobs in the company with defined responsibilities and necessary qualifications for each one.
                  • Definition and customization work instructions according to the specialization required.

                    Documents - Forms - Procedures Managment

                        • Full historic of movement and revisions of each document.
                        • Definition of access rights per use and section.
                        • Definition of responsibilities / activities in each document and distribution of their respective segments.
                        • Customized forms for each kind of form.
                        • Categorization of forms and detailed search form with multiple criteria.
                        • Customization of default values in fields of each form.
                        • Reports and reviews of the quality system based on specific criteria.

                          EasyTECH has implemented its electronic quality management system easyISO to a large number of businesses in Greece and Cyprus. Our goal is to help modernize each company implementing a quality management system Here are some example of the companies trusting easyTECH and now are benefitted from the capabilities of easyISO in a daily basis:

                            • Viosarp Logistics Ltd. - Imports of household
                            • Stirixis Consulting - Consulting



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