easyStudies - Syncronous & Unsycronous System of e-Learning

General Description

easystudiesHaving developed specialized solutions for systems of distance education (e-Learning Systems), we are able to serve every need of your company or your organization for providing services for asynchronous and synchronous learning.

With the platform easyStudies you can organize an comprehensive suite of Online education of your staff or your customers ΕasyTECH undertakes to customize the software easyStudies to help satisfy the needs of your organization or your business

The platform easyStudies readily accessible to everyone where he wants, and supports multiple concurrent users It is user friendly, adaptable to needs, and adopt the most modern training methods, integrating Internet technology, advanced forms of interaction techniques for distance learning and intelligent devices based on knowledge. Using information recorded in a secured database, through advanced tools, the platform easyStudies is responsible for personalized offer the best educational method.

The platform easyStudies supports differentiated levels of security depending on the classification and restriction of information and educational content made available.System users are divided into four (4) categories (Guest, Administrators, Teachers, Students).The identification of users and the class to which they belong,except for the category of visitor,carried out with the use of specific user names and passwords, which are given by the system administrators

User Capabilities

 Visitor Capabilities

As a visitor is defined the external user does not have authorized access to the system. The options available in this type of user are summarized below:

  • Access to courses that allow visitors to enter without the registration requirement
  • View the material has to be visited lesson without the requirement to participate
  • Create new account
  • Search courses by using keywords.
  • Selection of display language of the user interface
  • View news, announcements and discussion groups
  • Show future events according to the calendar
  • Reminder user name and password using the email
  • Change user password

Learner Capabilities 

As a learner is defined a registered user of the system, for whom provision has been made attending a course. The options available in this type of user are summarized below:

  • Registration in courses that allow the automatic registration of learners
  • Cancellation of registration in a course
  • View courses in which they are registered
  • Access to sections of the course
  • View staff attendance
  • Presentation and monitoring of educational material
  • View of educational material through the information sources can have different formats, including plain text, text in HTML, or Web
  • Real-time communication with participants and ability of selection of a course and participation in different chats depending on the theme of each lesson
  • Participation in discussion groups, creation of new topics for discussion and sending messages to any open discussion for students
  • Homework submission assigned by instructor
  • Evaluation of work
  • View Course in parts
  • Participation in standardized surveys to express their point of views on the subject, the curriculum or teaching process
  • Submission of queries based on title, description, keywords and receiving of adequate response from either existing or by the responsible trainer
  • Participation in voting on matters specified by the instructor
  • Participation in tests which may have different forms of questions like multiple choice, true - wrong and short answer questions.
  • View a list of homeworks
  • View of calendar of activities and view of upcoming activities
  • View of news and announcements
  • View of list stidents' grades of a specific course.
  • Password Change capability
  • Personal profile modification capability
  • View a list of connected users in the system
  • View a list of connected users in the system involved in the same course

Instractor / Administrator Capabilities

As a trainer is defined the scientific coordinator of a course. The options being available in this type of user are summarized below:

  • Lock of courses to ensure the avoidance of automatic registration of learners in these
  • An appropriate configuration of the user interface
  • Creation of categories, subcategories and courses
  • Creation of a new lesson
  • Creation of lesson activities and resources, and management of them.
  • View of participants and groups in a course
  • Edit of personal profile
  • Search using keywords
  • View news
  • View of list of events that will happen in the near future
  • Maintenance of calendar program monitoring of courses activities
  • View a list of connected participants in a course
  • Create and view course summary
  • Definition of a course instructors and their classification into categories
  • Registration of learners in class
  • Ability to create backups at regular intervals
  • Ability to restore the course to a previous state
  • Creation of rating scale courses activities
  • View a list of grades of learners in lesson activities
  • Extraction of all students rating at Excel files or storage in plain text
  • Record of operations taking place at a subject
  • Participation in a group discussions concerning purely instractors
  • Creation of notes and information in the list of courses activities
  • Added educational materials and information in a course
  • Recording of attendances of learners at a meeting or visiting the website either by the instructor or automatically based on student participation in an activity
  • Real-time communication with participants of a course and choice a course and participate in chats differently depending on the theme of each lesson
  • Creation of exercises, work (essay, report, presentation) and assigned to learners
  • Send feedback to learners to improve and re-dispatch of an exercise
  • Collaborative writing of files in a simple programming language by using a web browser.
  • View of survey results
  • Responce to questions of learners
  • Creation of Polls
  • Design & creation of tests that include multiple choice, right - wrong and short answer questions



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