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General Description

easySEO ΛογότυποThe easySEO is an add-on (plugin) for the CMS Joomla which aims to optimize the content of your website and create metadata. Applying well-established and widely used techniques Search Engine Optimization creates the preconditions for increasing traffic to your website and improves the position in which place it by the search engines. The SEO is no longer function as essential at the success and profitability of a site.

The functions of easySEO will pave the way to distinguish your site among the thousands of search engines related questions that are relevant to the content of your site. The quality of results is ensured by the use of algorithms that support the adaptation to the standards of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to ensure proper operation and appearance to users.

In parallel,the proper functioning of the code is ensured limiting the time and cost required for maintaining the site. This is because we are using the correct buffering and cache controls to avoid sending data in undesirable visits from spam crawlers that burdens both the bandwidth (amount of data that the site sends users) and the statistical data, creating fictitious visits, altering the true picture of traffic and reducing its credibility.

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Technical Specifications

easySEO ΤίτλοςThe plugin easySEO has been developed using the most modern method of developing web applications. Exploit fully the possibilities offered by the CMS Joomla API and the Google's biggest search engine to optimize the information that enters your site and achieve increased traffic and visibility of the web.

To CMS Joomla allows the use of technology SEF (Search Engine Friendly) to create legible links to your website. In the Greek language, however, the Joomla CMS capabilities are limited to a simple registration date corresponding to your content. The easySEO in cooperation with the automatic translation by Google automatically translates the title of the content as you type in the corresponding field.

In case of failure of translation by Google the easySEO returns the title of content into form Greeklish (matched in Greek characters) avoiding creating links to your website which not responding modern standards for designing and developing websites.

easySEO Λέξεις ΚλειδιάThe most important function of easySEO but is using the contents to produce keywords and description for easier identification of the site from the search engines.
Through automated processes and in accordance with the configuration that has preceded the easySEO produces as keywords words that appear more frequently in content and non blacklisted words. In the corresponding field by clicking the link Repair using technology AJAX, application logic expressions (Regular Expressions) and applying optimization techniques SEO, complete the appropriate fields.

The easySEO offers you the possibility to customize functions to meet the requirements of your site.

easySEO ΠαράμετροιDetailes:

  • Translation results: A problem creates the joomla for the SEO optimization of your website, is the wrong transfer of title of any item in the corresponding field alias. The problem occurs when the title is written in the Greek language and the effect of transport through the default operation of Joomla, is the appearance of characters that have no meaning, because of the inability of the application to make conversion of encoding. At best it shows the date of import item.

    By using easySEO the problem is resolved if it will translate the title that typed and automatically transfers to the field alias. If unable to make proper translation of the title is transferred to the alias but coded with latin characters. The easySeo allows you to choose whether you want to translate the title or content to simply transfer the modified contents. Also you can select the language you want to translate content. There is a possibility of automatic recognition of the original language that we recommend if you are sure that you follow correct grammar and syntax in the content of your website.
  • Metadata: At customization of properties of the generated metadata you should pay special attention in case that confounding the result of optimization greatly. In the field size specification you must type the number of characters of the description which creates easyCEO for each item seperately based on the content of your website.

    The options for the keywords must be made according to the type and content of your website, if Savoury results will be those that will guide the search engines to the relevant pages of your site. You can select the number of generated keywords that are produced according to the frequency of their occurrence and the relevance to the overall site content.

    We recommend you to leave the fields Minimum & Maximum Keyword Length to default unless the results obtained do not meet your needs. In the next field "Words to exclude from keyword selection" is a list of words that the easySEO preclude the selection of keywords. In this list has preselected a large number of words in both Greek and English, which based on our experience and criteria of optimization should be avoided.

    Suggest to modify the list by adding words that you want to avoid. In the next two fields it is possible to choose in which order you will see the default description and keywords of the site and the optimized results of easySEO.
  • Use of easySEO: You can select in which content of your website will remain active the easySEO.

To download application on your computer, follow the link below:



You can see the use of easySEO in the video below. Also throughout the website of easyTECH is based on the use of easySEO to produce alias for titles, menus, etc, but also for the production of metadata and keywords. You can see the code generated by your browser.




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